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*Payment & Cancellation Policies* (NEW Fall 2022)
Please note new changes to payment methods and cancellations starting August 2022

Payment Methods: Unfortunately, due to new tax codes and policies put in place by peer-to-peer mobile payment apps, a surcharge will need to be added to each payment according to the table below. Please indicate which dates payment is for if paying by the month. 

Cash — None
Venmo — $1/lesson
CashApp — $1/lesson
PayPal — $2/lesson
Checks — $2/check (per check not per lesson

Cancellation Policy: A 48-hour notice is needed for cancellations unless due to illness for regularly scheduled lessons. Please schedule doctor/dentist/orthodontist appointments accordingly.  


Ben Andrew Garcia has taught all levels and ages. He specializes in preparing students for collegiate and professional studies. He has been teaching students in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area area since 2008 and has helped them to participate youth orchestras,  All-State bands/orchestras, and concerto competitions. His students have gone on to study at conservatories and schools of music all over the world. The curriculum is catered to the students’ goals and needs while encouraging their strengths. He takes a role as mentor and advises and cultivates a rewarding correspondence with his students. He teaches select and promising students at schools in the metroplex. He also often coaches masterclasses and gives lectures all around the world. 
Students in the studio of the Ben Andrew Garcia are heavily prepared for their first years as university music studies. This includes applied performance, music theory and ear training, repair and maintenance and repertoire. They are expected to participate in concerto competitions, youth orchestras and recitals. He ensures that students have audio and visual media prepared to submit to universities and conservatories. 
Clarinet Lesson:
$1/minute (20 minute minimum)
Music Theory/Ear Training Lesson:
$25 per ½ hour

Research (any):

Recommended Equipment
Clarinet: Buffet R13, Tosca, RC Prestige, Festival
Mouthpiece: Vandoren BD5 or BD5D
Ligature: Vandoren Silver-plated Optimum
Reeds: Vandoren V12 3.0, 3.5, or 3.5+




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