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Serving as the central plane of existence, it is the primary setting of the Planescape.

(The Material Plane)

With a geography encompassing everything from oceans, to mountains, to deserts, many creatures and races co-exist here in this thriving, but troubled plane.



(The Feywild)

As a parallel plane to Telduria, Lathenis is geographically similar, though not identical. Similarly, histories are reminiscent or "echoes" of Telduria.

Arcane magic ran more freely and powerfully in Lathenis as many of its inhabitants are enlightened. With it's vibrant colors and never setting sun, Lathenis has seen an unprecedented era of peace.

Unlike Lathenis which is inhabited by fey and wondrous creatures, Vakralth is home to stranger things such as lost spirits, Drow, Orcs and Svirneblin. While it is not to be thought of as an "evil" plane, rather, a sort of "anti-Lathenis".

Also serving as a parallel plane to Telduria, Vakralth exist as a counter to Lathenis in that necrotic and shadow energies flow through this bleak and desolate place.

(The Shadowfell)


The Elemental Planes

While these are known to exist, much less is known about them. It is known however that each plane developed with little interaction with Teduria and is but a refraction of it.

Like Lathenis, magic plays a major role in the shaping of each respective plane.

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