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Season 2

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Journal of Wiz


677 T.C, - Day 283


I lost my arm toady. It opened my eyes far more than the ensuing trial. What is power? What is the point if one doesn’t use it? The witch in the woods doesn’t seem held down. If she is so powerful, then why does she hide? Mordenkainen wants to help so he says, but he wants us to suffer just to ask a few questions?

I understand it all though. Thotom isn’t rude to everyone without reason. I’d never really talked to anyone before, so I didn’t know the ways of the world–everyone is trying to use you.

677 T.C, - Day 282 

Colossal of Earth Defeated

After making our way through the Sevenfold Maze Work, and with the help with the Shard of Earth, we did the impossible.

We took on and defeated the Colossal of Earth, and somehow came out alive. Seven more to go, this one didn't pose too big a challenge, but we had a lot of help. Maybe I'll have a another helping hand when that time comes...

magie livre.jpg

677 T.C, - Day 270

The Day the Planes Broke

This was by far the worst day in my 100 years of life. How can my magic no longer work? I had joined these people, befriended these people, fought alongside them, and now I was useless to not only them, but myself.

How will we go on from here?

677 T.C, - Day 265

Calling to Adventure

Most my life was spent alone. When my coming of age came and went, I hardly noticed. Time spent in my room and time spent among the graves hardly made a difference. Time itself hardly seemed to
matter till those days of self-exile ended. 

The flames engulfed the city whole. Nothing but cinders remained. It was only happenstance that the graves were located far inland away from the flames. I shrugged, I turned, and left.

Ruined Village.png

677 T.C, - Day 263 

Dragenport Ravaged

The peaceful and coastal city of Dragenport was hit by a devastating storm sometime late last night which lasted into the early morning. 

Locals say the storm seemed to come out of nowhere, but frequent rain very common for the region. The city, which is known for bringing in goods from the southern islands, is left in ruin with casualties numbering in the hundreds and counting. Relief efforts are being sent from across all of Telduria. 

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