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Teldurian Times


675 T.C, - Day 90 

Without a Trace

Weeks have passed since the disappearance of Chancellor Astor, following another Warforged Dragon attack, leaving Provia in a state of question and distress.

This marks the second head of state to vanish from Provia, as it is widely believed that former Chancellor Winnoria left no trace as no body was recovered after the tragedy of Dragoncrest. Arch Chancellor Bellus has taken over as reigning Chancellor for the time being and promises to rule with the values of his predecessor.

675 T.C, - Day 63 

Iron in the Skies

In other news, officials have warned to stay out of the forests east of Phandelon as large clearings of trees have been popping up in the area. 

With tensions growing in the east over trade Easthaveners are pointing the finger at Provia, even going as far as to claim seeing a warfordged dragon ionthe east coast. Chancellor Astor has of course publicly denied this. This of course can only lead to an intra-continental dispute if the two territories are unable to find resolve.

675 T.C, - Day 60 

Maximilian Dead!

Crime lord and organizer Maximillian "The Great" was reported dead in Easthaven by locals. 

News of this has spread through Telduria, local officials have yet to comment.

Rumors of illegal trade into Provia are sweeping the continent. Chancellor Supreme Astor has publicly denied this while Easthaveners struggles to rebuild what is left of their city.

675 T.C, - Day 56 

Airships return to Telduria

With the Square of Materials still temporarily unavailable, many have sought to the skies firing up their dusty airships in order to keep business and commerce flowing as normal. 

In other news, officials have warned that while flying via airship yields its own hazards, sailing by ship can pose a larger threat especially on uncharted waters.

Picking Up the Pieces

675 T.C, - Day 54 

With all threats out of the way, Easthaven begins rebuilding. No sign of Maximillian, but General Talam stated this today:

"As we strive to rebuild, we will not let the sacrifice of our people be in vain. We will bring Maxilmilian to justice."

Due to recent events, the Square of Materials is temporarily our of service. While this will make travel between cities difficult, unaccompanied travel is strongly discouraged.


675 T.C, - Day 53 

Filanim Defeated

A group of unnamed young warriors narrowly brought the evil wizard Filanim to his knees. Little is known as to the whereabouts of Maximilian the "Great" but sources say he is being heavily hunted by various authorities across Telduria.  

In other news, Easthaven is recovering from devastating attacks on the city by the demon lord Beljin. No statement has been released from Prince Darius & Darian. 

The Phandalin King, Ledyg, is still missing but search parties are investigating the matter.   

Beljin Escapes

675 T.C, - Day 52 

The Demon Beljin was spotted off the coast  south of Provia. Officials initially warned all cities in the east to prepare for battle against this mythic beast! However, it seemed that Easthaven managed to gather troops and were able to defeat the demon.

Bright colorful lights were seen from the island of Ithellia, but the evil wizard Filanim is still at large. The Provian Guard has sent troops in search of him.


Golems Sighted

675 T.C, - Day 50

Provian Troops have spotted several golems in the southern mountain regions and urge travelers to proceed with caution. 

This comes just after the Provian Guard reported the bust of an underground antiquities ring. 

No reports yet on the attack at the Häsian Trade Commission but witnesses now say a masked man, possibly Provian, was seen fleeing the scene

In other news, tressyms (who were causing trouble for residents) were seen flying away from northern Häsian. This migration is unusual for this time of year. 

Middenheim Shop Attacked

675 T.C, - Day 46 

The well-known oddities shop, The Labourer's Hospice, fell victim to what is believed to be an act of vandalism. Many buildings were damaged in the attack.

Head of Commission Maquell, in cooperation with the aptly dubbed "Heroes of Middenheim" are working hard to bring justice to this peaceful city state.


Protest continue in Häsian as warforged march around the city aided by the Iron Fist who are no longer believed to be associated with last weeks attack or, as it's being called, "2nd Dragoncrest"


Phandalin King Missing

675 T.C, - Day 42

No word yet on who is responsible for what is being called the "2nd Dragoncrest". Officials suspected the Iron Fist as they were demonstrating in Middenheim on the day of the attacks but no charges have been made. Chancellor Supreme Astor has yet to comment on the incident.  

King Ledyg of Phandalin has been reported missing by locals. This just days after the mysterious attack in Middenheim.  The Provian Guard are aiding the officials in Phandalin in his rescue and return.  

Attacks in Middenheim

675 T.C, - Day 40 

Meddienheim has fallen victim to a devastating attack that injured and killed many citizens and travelers. The attack took place at during a ceremony in which Chancellor Lapenn and Chancellor Supreme Astor were going to speak. 

This ceremony was supposed to spearhead negotiations between the two city-states. While Astor has yet to comment, Lapenn (the chancellor of Middenheim) had this to say.

"It is a great tragedy that has befallen our great city. We will prevail and bring justice for our citizen and avenge those we've lost."


No word yet on who is responsible for these attacks. While Middenheimers do not blame Astor for his attack, they question why he fled so quickly upon his red dragon, Seiyta, rather than aide victims. All events at Bernabau Stadium, including horse & unicorn racing, are cancelled until further notice.


Crisis in the Crucible

675 T.C, - Day 39

Demonstrations continue in Häsian at the hand of the Iron Fist, a warforged civil rights organization that has often been associated with violent threats and instigation across Telduria. Chronus, The Voice of Häsian was unavailable for comment.

Several races appeared to pledge their support for the Iron Fist, albeit in a rather misleading way. 

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Terror in the South

675 T.C, - Day 38 

Aided by the newly dubbed "Heroes of Meddienheim", authorities discovered the whereabouts of the vampire know as Samson Regelus. While the Heroes were able to defeat Regelus, Clerics from the Temple of Verna made short work of other vampires in the area.

The rest of Middenheim however, fell victim to a plague of ghost and ghouls which appeared to originate from the east of the city.

Prices of Dragon's Milk reach all-time highs despite what officials have discovered about it and the Dragons Ale Brewery. It seems many have become depended on it. Clerics at all temples are still offering to assist those affected.

Dragon Ales Blundery 

675 T.C, - Day 38

The Dragon Ales Brewery was the center of a massive raid by Middenheim authorities. It was discovered late last night the brewery (that so famously brewed the ever popular "Dragons Milk") was in fact building a slave-force of 'addicts' who served in exchanged for the beer. 

Officials have yet to comment on just what the slave-force was constructing, although some believe that Maximilian the Great was involved.

Clerics across Telduria have offered to aid the victims and those affected by the wicked brew. 

Upset at Bernabau

675 T.C, - Day 36 

Horse and Unicorn races have begun at Bernabau Stadium located in the heart of Middenheim. This event brought in spectators from all around the continent. It wasn't all fun and games as record number bets were places skewing the results.

"Some wise-crack shows up claiming to be some 'horse whisperer' and spooked all our horses" said novice jockey Eisid Shodvoca druid from Illvandrin.


Races continue through-out the season and Middenheim extends a warm welcome to visitors across Telduria.


Julkoun Returns

675 T.C, - Day 35

After vanishing almost a year ago, the once lost village of Julkoun has reappeared in the north. Details are still coming in, but witnesses say many strange things occurred in the village when suddenly it disappeared overnight.

No official statement has been given, but aid is being sent to help the victims of this tragedy. 

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