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fjaudsa Winnoria

The late Arch Chancellor of Provia. Tragically killed in the Dragoncrest Attack in 674 T.C. As a representative of the people of Provia she helped bring an end the Teldurian Wars.

As a skilled warrior and magic user she developed new techniques in illusionary and divination magic.

 Elott Chronus

Now the current Voice of Häsian, the once great general of the Teldurian Wars serves to protect the rights of warforged everywhere.

Having lost his arm in battle, Chronus is fitted with a warforged replacement. It is unknown what other enhancements he possesses.

Chancellor Supreme Astor

Now the leader of Provia, Astor seeks to bring a new age of prosperity for Enlightened across Telduria.  Having defended the city in the Dragoncrest attack, he has come to be regarded as "The Savior of Provia".

After working with dragons at a young age, Astor gained the loyalty of the red dragon Seiyta.

Prince Darius Longuard

Cursed by the evil wizard Filanim he, along with his brother Darian and his people of Easthaven, were turned into rats and scattered across Telduria.

Darius fought to overthrow Filanim and who drained the city of resources and wealth. He intends to rebuild in his rightful place as the King of Easthaven. 

Maximilian the Great

As an elite crime boss across Telduria, Maximilian has made quite a reputation for himself and his followers. Having been at the core of several illegal networks (including The Skullmen and the Brass Boots), authorities have issued many high level bounties for his capture. 

Since devoting his life to crime, Maximilian has come across many rare artifacts and relics. 

Chancellor Raelsi Lapenn

Hailing from Arathene, Lapenn now serves as the chancellor of Middenheim. As she fights to bring an end to corruption in her city, she is in constant negotiations with neighboring territories and those abroad.

A very talented druid, capable of facing the strongest of foes as she proved many times over in the Teldurian Wars.

Athilia ernowh 

After living a quiet life in the coastal city of Dragonport, Athilia finds herself as the owner of the Laughing Jackass located in the Heart of Middenheim. 

As a former seafarer, rumors have surfaced that she won it in a game of Bloodstone. 

Madam Rose Tajeri

Owner of the brothel which bares her name. Rose tends to clients from all across Telduria.  

Whispers of her connection to the underground are fleeting; perhaps there's more to this Häsian than meets the eye.

Targus "No. 4151" Frontline 

Leader of the Iron Fist and former general in the Teldurian Wars, Targus Frontline seeks retribution for crimes committed against his kind.

Old enough to still bear a seriel number, Targus uses his influence to shape a future in which Warforged will usurp the Enlightened—no matter the cost.

Eckel Lionhart

The "princess" of the underground and daughter to Maximilian the Great, Eckel yearns for a life out side the city walls.

Her infatuation with death empowers her never ending bloodlust.

Rezma Haldi'irn

Current captian of the Genesis II, Rezma leads and commands a crew hand selected over many years of work.

As one of the most advanced ships in Telduria, the Genesis II is able to reach high speeds although it is unknown how. 


Abandoned at birth, Tabula found his way into the clan of orcs. After their tragic demise, Tabula joined fellow adventurers seeking revenge. 

After training and learning what magic he could, Tabula now wields the power of icea feat few of his kind have done.

Darci Garrick

Swift, cunning, and an absolute charlatan, Darci will grift even the most prepared would-be victims.  

As her reputation precedes her, she will either prove your greatest ally, or a true force to be reckoned with—best stay on her good side.


Oliver Huteel

Legendary animal handler and founder of Oliver's Circus, Oliver travels all over Telduria buying and selling rare and exotic animals.

After training and learning what of the potential creatures can bring, he has devoted his life to the procurement of the best of what the Teldurian wildlife has to offer.

Percival Verdis

While not much is known as to his origin, he is said to come from Lathenis. Percival aims to hunt and eradicate elemental creatures in hopes of bringing peace back to the Planescape.

As a long time ally of Oliver's, Percival is more than adept at tracking and locating creatures of all varieties.

Warforged 16a (Artificer).png

Cressel Trocter

With hands of steel, Cressel Trocter is able to craft the finest weapons in Telduria.

After perfecting his craft throughout the planescape, Cressel has come back to Häsian to offer not only his expertise in blacksmithing, but also his vast knowledge of plants, creatures, and materials gathered from his travels

Dalaria Fecher

An Antigravity Sphere? or perhaps an Edible Hat that gives a full day's nourishment (and a slight tummy ache). Find it all here at Fecher's Pawnbroker! Fecher, as she has come to be known, brings a wild host of exotic and magical items—buyer beware of course!

Find her regularly at her shop in the heart of Häsian. You never know just what she has in store for you!


Ja' Rah Kalahlti

Hailing from a long line of gladiators, Ja' Rah prides herself on overseeing the Kalahlti Arena

Test your skills in combat against the strongest creatures to ever exist while over 10,000 spectators bear witness to the spectacle.

Myadris Horenithim

This collector turned dealer houses arguably the best treasures in the planescape. Coming from a long line of prominence, he follows not in the footsteps of his ancestors, but chooses to cast his own shadow. 

Find him regularly at The Emporium Myadris through (but not in) The Brothers Herman & Co. Bank in Provia.

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