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Kalahlti Arena Roster

Ulmog, The Ceaseless Hunger

CR: 40

Size: Colossal 

Thought to have spawned at the dawn of creation, the strongest of the Dawn Titans will test every aspect of combat.

Prize: 50,0000 platinum


Kozilek, The Butcher of Truth

CR: 37

Size: Colossal

Thought to have spawned at the dawn of creation, Kozilek awaits feeding on the minds of challengers.

Prize: 250,000 Platinum


Sire, The Scathing

CR: 36

Size: Gargantuan

Thought to have spawned at the dawn of creation, Sire will unleash its pain to foes alike.

Prize: 200,000 Platinum


Brood, The Sea of Cleaving

CR: 34

Size: Large

Thought to have provided the seed for life across the planescape, this Dawn Titan will prove a worthy opponent. 

Prize: 100,000 Platinum


Roc (true Form)

CR: 32

Size: Small-Large

Having gone missing centuries ago, the spirit of Roc lives on lives on here!

Prize: 75,000 Platinum



CR: 30

Size: Large-huge

The most fearsome of beast leaves it's victims in a gory mess! Battle the most popular foe in the arena today!

Prize: 50,000 Platinum



CR: 29

Size: Gargantuan

Not sure if the rumors are true, but what the hell, right? Take on this mythical baddie for some serious loot.

Prize: 50,000 Platinum


Colossal of Earth (True Form)

CR: 29

Size: Colossal

Straight from the hills of Lathenis, go toe-to-toe with this mountainous foe in all its glory! 

Prize: 50,000 Platinum


Ancient Red Dragon

CR: 29

Size: Gargantuan

Not just any ancient red dragon, but the one thought to have wiped out most of Valkralth. Good luck!

Prize: 50,000 Platinum

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