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Cressel's Blacksmithery

Only the finest weapons and Armor are forged at Cressel's Blacksmithery. Below are the most requested items and the components needed to made them (please note a labor fee will apply). We stock common metals, such as steel, copper and iron. If you're looking for something custom tailored to your needs then you've come to the right place. 

Superb Items

Elven Arrow (+2): Fang of a werebears, fang of a werewolves or branches harvested by a treant.

Armor of Resistance: Any Armor (+1) and a wrymling dragon hide of the appropriate type.

Armor of Vulnerability: Any Armor (+1) and Hide of a large beast.


Arrow-catching shield: Mezzoloth chitin.


Belt of Dwarvenkind: Earth elemental mote or galeb duhr remains 


Belt of Hill Giant Strength: Hill giant heart.


Berserker Axe: Claws of a devil.


Bracers of Defense: Xorn hide, or the shield of a hobgoblin warlord.


Dagger of Venom: Wyvern tail or green dragon heart.

Dwarven Shield: 15 lbs (raw) of the any of the  following Precious Metals: silver or copper (+1 AC), gold (+2 AC)

Elven Chain: 5 lbs Mithral.


Flame Tongue: Young Red dragon heart. 


Mace of Disruption: The mace of a deva, death slaad gem, or the weapon of a saint.


Mace of Smiting: Treant branch or golem remains.


Mace of Terror: Nothic, Grick or Umber hulk limbs.


Rod of Rulership: Aboleth spine, or scepter of a noble, or iron golem iron.


Rod of the Pact Keeper (+2): Any magic rod plus one of the following: An aboleth spine, a bone devil bone, or a unicorn horn.

Shield of Missile Attraction: hide of a wrymling silver dragon


Sun Blade: Platinum 5lbs (raw) and one of the following: copper, bronze, silver or gold dragon claw


Sword of Life Stealing: Ashes of a vampire.


Sword of Wounding: Manticore, chimera,  or Nycaloth claw.

Superior Tier Items

High Elven Arrow (+3): Elven Arrow (+2) and a Gynosphynx pinion, harpy or griffon pinion.


Animated Shield: a Dwarven Shield (+2) plus one of the following: air elemental mote or wing or a white dragon


Belt of Stone, Frost or Fire Giant Strength: Belt of Hill Giant and the appropriate giant heart.


Dancing Sword: Sword of a Djinni, a scroll of Animate Objects, and one of the following: Gynosphynx pinion or roc pinion or a High Air Elemental mote.  


Demon Armor: Sword of a demon and bone of a bone naga


Dragon Scale Mail: Armor of Resistance and any adult dragon hide.

Dwarven Thrower: Adamantine (10lbs), root of an elder treant (1,500 years+) and a high air elemental mote


Frost Brand: Sword of Wounding and one of the following: White dragon tail or an ice devil heart.


Helm of Brilliance: Spectators eye and a scroll of Sunbeam.

High Dwarven Shield (+AC): A Dwarven Shield (+1 or 2) AC and 5 lbs (raw) of the any of the  following Royal Metals: Adamantine or Mithral (+1 AC), sungold, astral silver or black iron (+2 AC)

Nine Lives Stealer: Sword of Life Stealing and the true names of nine devils.


Rod of Alertness: Beholder eye stalk.


Rod of the Pact Keeper (+ 3): Rod of the Pact Keeper (+2) plus one of the following: a mind flayer heart or three cyclops eyes


Scimitar of Speed: Clockwork Amulet and a high lightning elemental mote

Spellguard Shield: A Dwarven Shield (+2) and a an Iron golem arm.


Sword of Sharpness (+2): A Sun Blade, Adamantine (10 lbs) and an adult silver dragon claw.  

Marvelous Tier Items

High Dwarf Armor (+3): High Dwarven Shield (+3 AC) and armor that has fended off an attack by a legendary monster of CR 24+.

Belt of Cloud Giant Strength: Belt of Stone, Frost or Fire Giant Strength and a Cloud giant heart.


Belt of Storm Giant Strength: Belt of Stone, Frost or Fire Giant Strength and a Storm giant heart.


Hammer of Thunderbolts: Dwarven Thrower, black iron (5 lbs), high lightning elemental mote, scroll of animate object

Luck Blade: Rod of the Pact Keeper (+ 2), 5 lbs black iron, Dancing Sword, Potion of Clairvoyance and an eye of a Beholder


Rod of Lordly Might: Rod of the Pact Keeper (+ 3), animated shield and 6 high elemental motes of varying elements

Sword of Swiftness: Sword of Sharpness (+2), Dancing sword, astral silver (5 lbs)

a Note on Precious & Royal Metals

    While some of these can be found naturally, many of these have to be forged in great furnaces which unfortunately are too big and magnificent to fit in my tiny shop. I have however come across  recipes for making such metals during my travels if one wants to venture in such things:

Adamantine: five parts adamant, two parts silver (raw), and one part platinum (raw or refined); will reduce by half.

Mithral: one part black ore and four parts silver (raw); will reduce by 3/5ths. Throats of larger a silver and black dragons are sometimes made of this.

Sungold: one part adamantine and four parts gold; will reduce by 3/5ths. Throats of larger a gold and brass dragons are sometimes made of this.

Astral Silver: one part mithral and one part adamantine; will reduce by half. Eyes of beholders, death tyrants and large Metallic dragons are sometimes made of this.

Black Iron: one part Astral Silver and three parts black ore; will reduce by half

Best of luck,


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